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Club the City Up

Non Architecture Competition - Finalist

Barbara Becker, Vivian Brune

Mayara Serra, Maira Pelegrino

2018 - Curitiba, PR. Brasil

    We believe that in order to dance all you need is music and people. If you press play now you can get up from your chair and start to rock your body. It doesn't matter where you are: whether in a club, in your home or your street. Therefore the border of the night club could be extended to the whole city.

    Even a vacant lot could act as a dance stage. Vacant lots are common in cities around the world, understood as an investment they remain empty for decades. CLUB THE CITY UP is a city network that connects people through music and dance, turning vacant lots into dance stages. We propose a worldwide scale intervention, an event that invites people to occupy and dance on the vacant lot of their neighborhood. 

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