Competition - Cocó Park

Competition, Team:

Barbara Becker, Vivian Brune, Andressa Gral, Bruna Sabadin, Felipe Guandelini, Frederico de Lucas,

Iara Capassi, Vivian Viniarski.


José Tabacow, Raquel Weiss.

2017 - Fortaleza, Brasil


The Cocó State Park is an ecological and cultural heritage in Fortaleza city. It has an ecological reserve of high value: the wetland ecosystem. We propose a clear demarcation by a side walk and bike path that runs by the limits of the Park, demarcating its limits the ilegal urban grow is then contempt. This strategy goes against the current concept of enclosing the park into fences, as a result, the Park is unified and the pressure into its limits is diminished.