Empty Lot

Coordination: Bárbara Becker e Vivian Brune

Team: Iara Arantes, Luisa Padilha, Marina Barancelli, Andressa Gral, Ingrid Schmaedecke, Maria Fernanda Fabro

Photography: Ingrid Schmaedecke

Exhibition:  Architecture for Curitiba

2017 - Curitiba, PR. Brasil

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Curitiba has approximately 72 million m² of private underutilised lots, 4.2 times bigger than the total area of parks and squares in the city. The empty lots have a vast hidden potential. While they are not occupied, they could be used as areas of recreation and leisure for the population. What would happen if the notions of public and private were outdated, turning public the use of these properties with temporary programs that answer to the expectations and needs of the population? To answer this question, four interventions took place in the city such as an Open Air cinema, urban garden, open gallery with local artists and an event with local music and crafts. The iniciative participated in the exhition Architecture for Curitiba, located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art - Portão from may to august of 2017.

Open Air Cinema

Open Gallery

Urban Garden

Free Music